Animated fractal 5 (Alae Papiliōnis)

Alae Papiliōnis

Genius not only diagnoses the situation but supplies the answers.
Robert Graves


Animated fractal 4 (The diamond disc of Julia in the sinusoidal cylinder)

the diamond disc of julia in the sinusoidal cylinder

The best audience is intelligent, well-educated, and a little drunk.
Alben W. Barkley

Animated fractal 3 (Fortitudo universalis)

Fortitudo universalis

There is no such things as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written. That is all.
Oscar Wilde

Animated fractal 2 (Synapsis)


I wouldn’t recommend sex, drugs or insanity for everyone, but they’ve always worked for me.
Hunter S. Thompson

Animated fractal1 (Fluxus sin finem)

Fluxus sin finem

In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.
Benjamin Franklin

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